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Your customer stay informed in real time with everything that’s happening on their account: payments, transfer, advice. Get visibility on your customers' flows to anticipate their needs with our product as a service.

  • icon Verify your customer BVN and NIN .
  • icon Whatsapp API integration. icon Auto suggest bank Name API integration.
  • icon SMS API integration.
  • icon Introducing USSD code ... icon Issue ATM cards to your customers.
  • icon Virtual Account Collection ... icon Outward .. Transfer to Nigeria Banks..
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Frequently asked questions

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Yes we offer white-lable solution. +2349030306672, info@wirelessverify.com.

If your card is missing, let us know immediately. We’ll block your card right away send over a new one on the same day.To report a lost or stolen card, call us at +2349030306672, card@wirelessverify.com.

BVN verification N70
NIN Verification N100
Auto suggest bank Name N10
Account lookup N20.

Shared USSD code has a onetime generation fee of N250,000 vat excluded.
You are required to purchase USSD session with minimum N100,000 vat excluded.
Monthly maintenance Fee N10,000

For Dedicated USSD code, Please engage us via mail to understand your usecase. and fee will be communicated to you.

NON DND route N2.5
DND transactional route N3.5 (bypass DND)

Yes we do, engage us for details ..

Note: Physical cards require a minimum order of 1000 units..

Understanding WhatsApp chatbot
A WhatsApp chatbot is an automated system that can converse with customers through WhatsApp. The WhatsApp number would be your business number. The chatbot can provide quick replies, take customer queries, and offer canned responses or customer account information, depending on how is been programed.

Whatsapp setup/Connection fee N100,000 vat excluded.
You are required to purchase Whatsapp session with minimum N20,000 vat excluded.
Monthly maintenance Fee N5,000
WhatsApp chatbot session message is N1.5

Our virtual Payment service is 1% cap N250 for all Inwards.. While N20 flat for Payout..

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